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As full stack marketers we have a working knowledge of all of the modern marketing tactics. We use that knowledge to create integrated growth strategies that they are capable of executing with limited external resources.


When was the last time you took the time to read what people have said about your company online? Conversations in the form of reviews are happening around you whether you are proactively managing your online reputation or not. Negative reviews can be discouraging consumers from visiting your business or contacting you.

Claim your profiles on the major review and local listing sites. These profiles also rate high on search engine results, so it is vital that you be in control of how these profiles are completed. Consider Business Associations, local Chambers of Commerce, TripAdvisor, Google Business, Facebook and similar sites let you claim and complete your business profile with ease. It takes a few minutes.. but it’s worth it!

Monitoring your online reputation is no longer a “should do,” it is a “must do!” You need to monitor your online reputation to be aware of what customers see online. With that knowledge, you can work quickly to correct or handle any negative reviews OR to reach out to say “thank you” to a customer who has taken the time to provide a positive review.

Your happy customers are your best brand ambassadors, pushing your  products or services further than the most clever marketing campaigns. You need to to put those positive reviews to work for you! What you say about your company is not as important as what your customers say. Promote and share good reviews on your website, marketing materials, and social networks. Make customer reviews part of your marketing plan.Reputation Marketing Plan. 

Max Communication can help you to unlock the potential of Reputation Marketing.