One of the principal challenges facing businesses today is creating an effective, high impact marketing or communications plan and having the time to execute it. As a business owner, the thought of hiring a consultant can be daunting. At Max Communication, we provide a solution to both of these problems, and have tailored our process to ensure your consulting experience will be cost effective, creative, and impactful. How do we do it?

Step 1: Initial Consultation
Unlike traditional marketing agencies and consultants, we don’t believe in charging fees for initial consultation. The initial meeting between consultant and client is a very important process, and shouldn’t be marred with thoughts of impending fees. The process of getting to know one another allows us to begin to understand your business and marketing objectives, and develop a working relationship. Our initial consultation reduces your risk as a business owner, while affording us the opportunity to meet with you and discover your goals.

Step 2: Strategize
Once we have had the chance to get to know you and your business, it’s time to get down to work. Regardless of the marketing or communications solution identified for success, it has to start with strategy and planning.  Business planning, strategic marketing planning, budgeting, and more. These key elements will create the foundation for your unique strategy and will guide all future marketing activity.

Our Approach

Step 2: Execute
After working with you to develop or enhance your strategy, it’s time to implement your line of attack. Perhaps the most exciting piece of the process, executing your strategy might involve creative work, such as visual and media design, or unveiling a new promotion – it all depends on your marketing objectives. 

Step 4. Follow-Up 
Unlike many large consulting and marketing agencies, Max Communication will work with you and your team through your strategy implementation phase to ensure proper execution and enable success. In order to attain your marketing and communication objectives and drive results, follow-up is a necessary component to any marketing strategy. We will work with you to track the success of your strategy, monitor results, and make any adjustments if necessary. 

Let's open a new door to business success!

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